September – December, 2016

Wrapping Warmth Around Our Veterans in Need

What happens when grade and middle school children fundraise to buy yarn? Then donate that yarn to senior Knitting and Crochet Guilds across Long Island? You get hundreds of scarves, hats, gloves and incredible blankets that along with 400 brand new coats will be wrapped then donated as holiday gifts to our veterans in need on Long Island.

Yarn Donations:

  • Centerport United Methodist Church
  • Abiding Presence Lutheran Church
  • Anonymous yarn donors


Blankets Creators

  • The Knitting Guild of
  • Care to Knit, Inc
  • The Needlers
  • Stitches of Love
  • The Knit Chicks
  • TTN Stitchers
  • Long Island Crochet Guild
  • Heavenly Stitchers